Pistons Playoff Preview

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The Detroit Pistons find themselves in the NBA playoffs this year. I guarantee you haven’t heard that in awhile. In fact, not since 08-09.

And how’d that go? Awful. Swept by none other than this guy…


So who did we draw this time? Well, this guy…


I think I speak for all of Michigan (and the majority of the world) when I say that LeBron is the absolute worst. Easily the most hateable figure in sports.

I honestly have flashbacks to this everytime he is mentioned in the playoffs

Okay so enough of the previous heartache, let’s look at what this year is going to look like.

Honestly, not much better. The goal was for the Pistons to make the playoffs and they did that. It’s great to back in playoff conversation, however, if you anticipate us winning more than 2 games in this series then you are either crazy…

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Washington beats Philadelphia, wins the NFC East

Washington has gone from worst to first in the NFC East. Tonight’s 38-24 win at Philadelphia clinched the division title for Washington, a major triumph for a team that was in last place last year and was expected to be one of the worst in the NFL at the start of the season. Kirk Cousins…

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Charlie Weis says ‘it’s highly doubtful I will ever coach again’

Not by choice, of course, but because he has not been considered for ANY Division 1/FBS Head Coaching jobs since he took a dump at Notre Lame, and has no reason to think that will change any time soon . . .


(I’ll go ahead and get this out of the way for ya: “Again? That would intimate he’d already coached before.”)

It appears that fans won’t have Charlie Weis to kick around again, at least not in person.

As the 2014-15 spinning of the coaching carousel seems to be (very, very) slowly winding down yet again, it doesn’t appear there will be a spot for Weis on it.  Since being fired as head coach at Kansas in late September, there’s been nary a whisper connecting Weis’ names to any openings, head coaching, coordinating or otherwise.

That appears to be just fine with Weis, who, in an interview with the South Bend Tribune‘s Eric Hansen, indicates that he very well could be hanging up his coaching whistle permanently.

I think it’s highly doubtful that I will ever coach again,” Weis said, before going a little deeper…

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The story behind Rajai Davis’ oven mitt

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If you watched the Tigers on television today, or if you’ve been to a Tigers game this spring, and you haven’t seen much of Rajai Davis the last couple years, you might be wondering why he has an oven mitt on his left hand.

That’s OK. He hears it all the time. He laughs about it, too.

“Yeah, it’s good for baking,” he said Monday. “Baking on the bases.”

Not surprisingly, it’s a protective glove for his left hand. It keeps him from jamming a finger sliding into a bag, and it also gives him some padding over his hand and his wrist in case an infielder steps on his hand as he’s sliding in. He has worn one since at least 2012 to protect his hands.

Other players have worn one after injuring fingers or wrists. Davis said he adopted it after he had a close call and saw…

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